In today's competitive business landscape, having a well-optimised and engaging Google My Business listing is essential for attracting new customers and staying connected with your existing ones. At MetaWeb, we understand the importance of a solid online presence in driving business growth. With our expertise and experience, we can help your business shine on Google My Business and connect with potential customers like never before.

In an era where consumers rely heavily on online searches to make informed decisions, having a robust GMB presence is no longer just an option—it's necessary. Your Google My Business listing serves as a virtual storefront, offering valuable information about your business. Our range of GMB services includes:

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  • - Google My Business Setup
  • - Optimised Business Profile
  • - Regular Updates and Posts
  • - Customer Interaction Management
  • - Insights and Analytics
  • - Local SEO Integration
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Claim & Verify

As your GMB service provider, MetaWeb handles the claim and verification of your business listing. We ensure prompt verification, giving you complete control over your profile.


MetaWeb optimises your GMB profile with accurate information, relevant keywords, and engaging descriptions. High-quality images showcase your business effectively.

GMB Management

With MetaWeb, your online reputation is in good hands. We actively manage customer reviews, respond professionally, and foster trust among potential customers.

Regular Updates

Stay connected with your audience through compelling posts and updates crafted by MetaWeb. GMB insights help us analyse data, refining your strategy continuously.

Unlock the Power of Google My Business for Your Business Growth

Google My Business (GMB) is an indispensable tool that can significantly impact businesses of all sizes. With GMB, your business gains an enhanced online presence, improving visibility in local searches. This powerful platform allows you to manage and control critical business information, ensuring accurate details reach potential customers.

Engage with your audience by posting updates, promotions, and events, all while receiving valuable insights into customer behaviour. Customer reviews and interactions on GMB build trust and credibility. Maximise your brand’s potential with GMB, connecting you with your target audience and driving business growth in the competitive digital landscape.



Having an updated Google My Business listing can significantly impact your search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts. It plays a crucial role in guiding users and search engines to new content on your website. Additionally, the platform provides valuable insights into your reputation through customer reviews, which can influence search rankings. Beyond this, Google My Business offers numerous other benefits, making it an essential tool for businesses looking to enhance their online presence and attract more potential customers.

Regrettably, online-only businesses that do not offer face-to-face services or travel to customers are not eligible for Google My Business. This is because the platform is primarily for location-based businesses catering to local customers. Therefore, businesses with broader target audiences that operate solely online might not meet the criteria for GMB verification. However, other online marketing strategies are available to promote and grow such businesses effectively.

Of course, Yes! While Google My Business effectively increases online visibility, having a website is crucial for providing comprehensive information to potential customers. Studies indicate that approximately 70% of consumers expect businesses to have a website, and around 30% will only consider a business with one. While GMB attracts more visitors, your website is the primary source of detailed information, serving as a lead generator. Therefore, a well-optimised website complements your GMB profile, ensuring a more robust online presence and better engagement with potential clients.

To qualify for a Google My Business account, you must offer local services through customer visits or face-to-face interactions. While GMB benefits all businesses, it becomes particularly crucial when your target audience is concentrated in specific regions. This platform enables you to connect with local customers and enhances your online presence, even if you don’t have a physical storefront. By providing valuable information and engaging content, GMB facilitates meaningful interactions with potential clients, driving growth and success for your business in your desired service areas.

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